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Quality & Safety


Myzoo Classic products are composed of up to 10 different
high quality natural hardwood such as beech, teak, sapale,
mahogany and etc. there is no artificial paints or dye are added,

all of the Myzoo products are finished with eco-friendly plant oil
to ensure user safety, natural colors and texture.

New lovable line, EQB, features adorable animal friend
and vehicles in wide variety of colors. EQB line are
made of natural hardwood and hand finished with eco-friendly
natural oil.

All EQB product comes in a variety of colors, and able to
transforms freely with patented genderless snap joint system.

Certified Quality and Safety

Myzoo & EQB are a premium toy brands that considered an aspect of children's psychological development and Eco-friendly choice of materials
from the beginningto the end. Myzoo & EQB products are carefully designed and crafted in child-safe designs, and made of FSC(Forest Stewardship
Council) certified high-quality natural hardwood.

All components of Myzoo & EQB products adhere to the safety standard regulations of Korea(KC), United States(ASTM), and Europe(CE)

• Selected as ¡ºThe Excellent Company Brand of Seoul¡» of 2011, 2012
• Finalist for ¡ºToy Award 2011¡» from International Toy Fair Nurnberg
• ¡ºGood Design Award Korea¡» - Winner of 2009, 2010
• Selected as ¡ºPremium Character¡» by Korea Creative Contents Agency(KOCCA),
leading Korean government agency dedicated to build a nation of imagination,
creativity, culture and prosperity.
• Selected as ¡ºNew Exporters 300¡» by Korea International Trade Association(KITA)
• Registered a patent for Magnet Gear Jointing Method Toy(10-0942993)
• Registered a patent for Genderless snap Jointing Method(12-0012812)
• International patents are pending

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