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MYZOO story

Transforming Creativity into Reality!

An irrelevant imagination derived from a small difference of thought may break the
conventional framework. The paradigm shift is the beginning of all changes and
motivates the birth of a new product. Why should the nose or mouth of animals
remain in its face as originally is? Can’t it be differently positioned? Similarly,
why not change the positioning of the leg, tail and face of animals from its body?
Such an irrelevant but frame-breaking-idea has been the driving force giving the
birth of Myzoo and EQB today.

Myzoo, the first toy product from Arthouse was created through the three-year
development process. Myzoo was initiated in April 2007 while developing teaching
materials for creative education for the purpose of developing children’s art education
program under the collaborative work among the professors teaching Design,
Painting and Children’s Fine Arts at the University and sculptors, art teachers, early
childhood education specialists and product designers.  In the beginning, we’ve tried
in any way available, i.e. made an image by pasting wood or stone and colored it
and also made various shapes using recycled materials or colored clay.

In the course of attempting in different ways as stated above, certain parts of the disposable paper cups, plastic bottles, discarded toys, junk etc which are commonly wasted in our daily life were plaster molded and every part of it was elaborately cut to suit certain purpose and recombined in various shapes such as houses, automobiles etc. While going through these processes, the various shapes blocked in a unique form was born as an attractive sculptures. For example, the rough part on the side of tofu case was cut to make the claw part of the lion’s leg and a spool on which thread is wound was molded to make the face of lion, a straw became eye and a soap case became the body of lion.

As a result of the work, more than 300 plaster models of various shapes were made through one year period. Afterward, again Myzoo design team redesigned those animal plaster models and started to capture the common denominator shared by each animal and after then those plaster models were beginning to have the shape as an animal character having a unique individuality while going through the process of recombining and resegregating the blocks so they can be compatible with each other.


Starting from 2008 in earnest, trial products were
produced with plastics and 3-dimensional design
through the product design process and, while reviewing
mass production, it could be released in the market
>for sale as a plastic toy. However, in order to draw up
a design beneficial to children, Art House design team
had changed the material to wood and entered into
research to find out a design and combined system
most suitable for wood and, after several times design
improvements and trial & error, ‘Myzoo’ was at last
brought into the world in ‘2010 as a creatively designed
educational toys beneficial for the enhancement of
children’s emotion and creativity.

In 2012, Art House develops ‘Genderless Snap Joint System’, a module jointing system which is able to replace existing coupling method that was developed during the course of searching for alternatives of magnetic coupling method due to increased price of rare earth materials. With new innovative idea, Art House launches new brand, EQB(Emotional quotient Block).
EQB product group are human intellect development toys that applied eco-friendly paints on natural hardwood to provide color sense of the character, and they are transformed into many dinosaurs, animals or object through special genderless snap joint system.

EQB's creative characters made by the combination of conventional exclusivity of hardwood toys and infinite potential of blocks that utilized patented joint system provide endless chances of imagination for the children. Arthouse is doing its endeavor to develop emotional and sustainable global character toys with new concept beyond the limit of existing toys.

EQB pursues an ideal life that everyone dreams for, that is living well all together, not only for me. As far as design is concerned, rather than pursuing an immediate interest by compromising with reality, we are willing to do our utmost best even for a little thing if it is believed beneficial even a bit to the future generations and also sustainable. Myzoo will never cease its endeavor to realize our common dream, bright future and most importantly to ensure the benefits of children.

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